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> [Zope3-Users] pluggableauthentication utility
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> > What do yo think about that? Any other ideas?
> It looks like you've identified a common enough use case: PAUs are
> typically used with a common set of plugins. The current PAU design
> accommodates all sorts of use cases that most users would never face.
> Rather than add more complexity to the registration process with
> "utilityPolicy" (even though it's an attempt to make things easier for
> the user), I'd suggest creating a SimplePluggubleAuthenticationUtility
> that supported the most common use cases.
> Something like this perhaps:
> class ISimplePAU(Interface):
>   authentication = Choice(values=('HTTP-Auth', 'Session'))
>   allowUserChangeOnUnauthorized = Bool()
>   principals = Attribute("A PrincipalsFolder plugin.")
> This would be far easier to deal with than the current PAU for those
> that don't need PAU's flexibility.

I think this isn't a solution, because of three things:

- You need to do this for every other utility simplification.

- I dont' like to have more then one implementation if not 
  absolutly needed only for configuration reason. 

- The activation part on the registration process is still
  the same. The most problem is that we implement components
  where using the utility and lookup this utilities by a special 
  name or unnamed. But nobody tells you what name should be used
  during registration.

I still think a policy (somthing like a add wizard) whould solve
the problem. Developers can develope the registration process in 
a pytho class and register tehm as a "utilityPolicy". Then 
administrators or scripters can add the utility witha simple klick
on a "add predefined utility" button.

On nice sideeffect whould be,
You could also add a policy "Add all utility I need for a site".
Or even call this policy during makeSite on your special implementation
of IPossibleSite.

I think this is what we need at the enduser level and should be possible
to implement. Of corse the way we register utilites whould be still

Roger Ineichen

Projekt01 GmbH

>  -- Garrett

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