On Saturday 09 July 2005 16:31, Pupeno wrote:
> I've commented out
> <require permission="zope.ManageContent"
> interface=".interfaces.IMessageContainer" />
> and Zope started, but I do not have the option to add a message board.
I've added <include package=".browser"/> on conficure.zcml and it showed the 
option to add a MessageBoard and inside one a message, but adding a message 
results in a system error, it says "A system error occurred." The courios 
thing is that if I try to add the message again it says that there's already 
an object with that name. And trying to see Contents of a Message Board ofter 
I tried to add a message results in the error: "A system error occurred." 
which doesn't happen before I try to add a message. So, I believe it is just 
a problem listing the contents when there's a message.
Has anyone updated these examples to work with Zope 3.1.0b1, or should I just 
use Zope 3.0.0 for now ?
Thank you.
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