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Dmitry Vasiliev wrote:


Some time ago there has been a discussion on Zope3-Users list about specifying an encoding of the PageTemplateFile like this:


So there are some questions:

- Is anybody working on this?
- What should be the default encoding if no encoding is given? UTF-8?
- Can we include this functionality in Zope 3.1 release? I guess we at least can set the default encoding of the PageTemplateFile to "UTF-8" without any problems.

I wouldn't mind such a change, but I think it's a little too late for 3.1. The first beta of 3.1 is already out, that means a feature freeze.

In the long term, I would rather have this specified the way it should be with XML data: using an <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> processing instructions.

Andreas Reuleaux pointed me to the fact that this XML declaration should only be used for determining the ZPT input encoding, not the output encoding (which is set by negotiating the best available charset and is set in the response, so ZPTs have no influence on this anyway). It therefore shouldn't be part of the output because not only could the encoding be different in the output, some browsers like IE also get confused when they see the <?xml ?> processing instruction.

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