Adam Groszer wrote:
[Adam Groszer]
What do you say, can there be any data loss if I use the Shutdown
button? Does Zope write everything out to disc before it quits?

Zope (or rather ZODB FileStorage) writes all transactions to disk when they are committed. (Baring extraordinary bugs) any committed transaction cannot be corrupted.

[Tim Peters]
It didn't look to me like there's any code in Zope3 now supporting
controlled ("graceful") shutdown, although this is the first time I
looked at Zope3's shutdown code and may have missed something. There's elaborate (probably _overly_ elaborate) code in Zope2 trying
to do controlled shutdown.

To clarify here, there is no danger of losing/corrupting already committed transactions in ZODB. Any current transactions will simple be uncommitted. If you want to programmatically tell Zope to stop you can use code like this:

    from import zapi
    from import IServerControl
    control = zapi.getUtility(IServerControl)

[Adam Groszer]
Or, a better question: how to stop Zope3 cleanly (and when possible
quickly, for development sessions)?

[Tim Peters]
Sorry, no idea here.  Anyone else?


As I said above, there is no danger of corrupting data in a "stock" install.

There *is* the possibility of having on-going interactions with external systems that need some sort of shutdown (eg. relational databases, etc). In that case I would recommend the Python standard library module "atexit".

In summary: It might be nice if Z3 closed file handles and waited for outstanding requests to be handled, but the current shutdown story is perfectly "safe".
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