Martijn Faassen wrote:

> * zope.formlib wants Python 2.4, and I want zope.formlib to be part of
> Zope 3.2.
>> Note that this also effects Zope 2.  Starting with the next release,
>> the Zope 2 and Zope 3 will be released together.  Zope 2.9 will
>> include Zope 3.2.  If Zope 3.2 requires Python 2.4, then so will
>> Zope 2.9.
> We can still go back to making Zope 2.9 contain Zope 3.1 instead. I
> still favor this approach where Zope 2.x trails one version behind Zope
> 3.x. Working with a stable Zope 3 version makes a Five developer's life
> easier, and we have less release dependencies to worry about. It is a
> bit frustrating for Zope 2.x developers as they don't have the latest
> and greatest Zope 3.x but I don't consider this a big problem myself as
> its only lagging behind 1 release cycle so they only need to wait to get
> newer features.

But I want to use formlib in Zope2.9 ;-)
(or would this possible somehow else?)
or does formlib just depend on 3.1 and python 2.4? Then I guess it
wouldn't be a problem.

(not that I used formlib yet but everybody is talking about it and thus
it might be nice if it's usable. At least I looked at it :-) ).

-- christian

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