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Stephan Richter wrote: ...

We will also require Python 2.4 for Zope 3.2, so feel free to use
new Python features such as decorators.

How did we decide this?  Shouldn't we follow a proposal-based
policy for a change like this?

I would favor Python 2.4 for Zope 3.2 [...]

It is a bit frustrating for Zope 2.x developers as they don't have
the latest and greatest Zope 3.x but I don't consider this a big
problem myself as its only lagging behind 1 release cycle so they
only need to wait to get newer features.

If we are able to maintain the time-based releases, we'll have another release in June of '06, that means if we use 2.4 for 3.2, Zope 2 will still have to migrate to 2.4, just in 10 months, not in 4.

Hmm, crazy idea: perhaps we should ask the Zope 2 folks (developers) if they'd be willing to do the work to get to 2.4.
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