Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Tres Seaver wrote:
>> The tradeoff is complexity / loss of maintainability vs. speedup.
>> If
>> Benji's measurements hold up, we would be taking on the burden of
>> maintaining a parallel C implementation (in sync with the "canonical" C
>> version) within our project, for the (possible) benefit to other projects.
> I also hope that in this case (unlike some other cases in the Zope 3
> source code), a parallel Python version *will* be maintained and
> continue to be tested. 
Agree, python version definitely should be maintained.

> The big question is of course what the impact on the performance of a
> typical Zope 3 application will be. If it's minimal it's not really
> worth it.

+1, we just need to provide procedures for performace measurement
that everybody is agree on and use them to make judgement if
optimization is worth or not.

> Note that projects like PyPy are getting there slowly but steadily -- 
> it's possible that in a year's time we may only need to do minimal
> tweaking of Python code to benefit from compilation-level benefits. In
> the mean time, Pyrex is another avenue that might be worthwhile
> exploring.
PyPy is really promising and interesting beast for python world.


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