On 8/8/05, Philipp von Weitershausen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> For compatability reasons, zope.app.security._protections and the
> protect() function inside (though empty) should probably still exist for
> at least another release because people might be using it in their own
> tests (even though it's not public API). A deprecation warning could

I disagree that we should be worried about people using that function
directly; we've been much better in separating public API and
implmentation detail in Zope 3.  Anything in a module with a name
starting with an underscore is fair game.

I would, however, be more concerned about things that happen as a side
effect of importing a package.  That's pretty magical and is not
something many are likely to be watching out for.  I'm not suggesting
that it's sufficient to require us to keep the behavior around; this
is still an implementation detail within the zope.app hierarchy IMO.

> Ok. Maybe there should be a collector issue about this so that we
> remember it for upcoming releases.



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