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I started to add an XML Schema suppport on Zope3.

It's within the z3ecm repository there :

You may check my related blog entry there :

Note it's using lxml as well (I love lxml :))

Having XForms support after this will be a lot easier ;)

Comments / help are welcome.

This looks very interesting. Good work!

Could you elaborate a bit on how you see this fitting in
with XForms?  Could you tell a bit of a story of how these
schemas would be useful for XForms and for other forms

How hard do you think it will be to handle more complex
constraints.  You can express constraints in XSD beyond
simple data types.  (I'm not very knowledgeable about XSD,
but I believe you can express the same sorts of constraints
you can express with regular expressions in Python or, for
numbers use expressions involving comparisons. These would have
to be converted to Python.

How will you deal with complex schemas?  For example,
can you imagine using something like the xpdl XSD as a


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