Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

a page has a "template" like a Zope Page Template, that would correspond
to the idea of layout.

it's as unfortunate as a name as the <browser:page /> directive that is
associated to a browser view, and a page template. But the idea is the same.

it is more like a browser page than a site's page in any case.. i.e. a
page that you see in your browser, the same "page" as in "PageMaker", a
canvas, a template, etc..

exactly as it says on the PageMaker product website, actually

"""Quickly lay out publications by creating frames to hold text and
graphics, applying master pages to apply different page designs within a
single publication, and using layers to set up a single file for
multiple versions of a publication."""


the term "master page" is less ambiguous maybe. But it's definitely not
a page in the sense of "the concrete page of a book", but instead the
design, the form of a page of a book, that by extension became "the
front page", the "chapter page". If you work with content it definitely
means a different thing.

OK, so a theme page is like a master page?


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