Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

What problem perspectives solves?

I think I'm ready to respond to this now. I hope, with your current
thinking that this is still relevent.

local portlets are currently stored in local folders in a .cps_portlets
container with the name of the slot in which they are located.

So, .cps_portlets is a container with an item for each slot, which, is,
itself a container?  Then users add items to this container to add portlets?

It means that the user has to go into a given folder, add a portlet into
a slot and the portlet will be visible starting from this folder. After
a while there are 100 of portlets scattered around the entire site, some
in /sections/A, some in /sections/A/B some in / ...

there is no grouping of portlets.

we find out that what users actually want to do is to define a set of
portlets that will be shown in a given section of the site (eg. in
'education', in 'research', ...) and only there.

Meaning not in subfolders?

> This is somehow done
when portlets are stored in folders, but it is very difficult to group
the portlets together, because there is no notion of "group of portlets"
displayed in given context.

I don't know what you mean by "grouping portlets", or why it is a good thing.

so basically the notion of perspective is just a way of grouping
portlets together and give a name to that collection, so that a user can
decide: when I'm in this section of the site, I want to show this set of

This doesn't seem consistent with your current notion of perspectives.

In an application, this makes it possible to keep the portlets used by
the application (action portlets, navigation portlets) separate from
decoration portlets.

I'n not sure what you mean.  By "application", do you mean the content
management application, as opposed to the end-user content-delivery

currently we manage the separation by using different themes (one for
the external site, and one for the "back office"), the slots names are
different, so the portlets in the backoffice on not visible on the
external site.

And how is this solution undersireable?

Also we have problem when a same slot is present in many pages, the
users think that they are add portlets only on a given page, while they
end up also being visible in other pages.

I'm not sure what you mean by page here.  Do you mean theme/master pages
or web pages?


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