Jim Fulton wrote:

> Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
>> Jim Fulton wrote:
> ...
>>> - They introduce a need for some complex infrastructure.
>> what do you mean by "complex"? have you seen the prototype? for a user
>> it does not seem too complex:
>> - choose a perspective
>> - add portlets to it
>> - assign the perspective to some context
> I meant to reply to this in my last note.
> I wasn't talking about the user experience, I was talking about the
> underlying implementation.  You require a centralize database of triads
> with a scalable query engine.  This seems rather complex to me.
> Jim
Yes, if you store portlets in local folders (this is what you were
thinking about?) you won't have the same scalability problems unless you
have to traverse 20 folders from the site root to the current folder.

This is a trade-off. This is how it was implemented in CPSSkins (Zope2)
inspired from the earlier implementation (CPSBoxes). The simplicity of
the implementation in terms of storage has meant some very difficult
issues to solves in terms of user interface. So now I'm willing to
invest some time in finding a generic way of storing triadic relations
in a storage.

For me it is more important to allow users to place portlets anywhere in
the site (on the front page, etc...), even if the site exists already or
not,  but I agree that it should be possible to use the local folder
storage  approach in the Zope3 version too. Technically speaking there
is nothing that prevents the creation of varieties of slots that save
portlets in local folders.


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