On Monday, August 29, 2005 4:33 PM, Gary Poster wrote:

>> Couldn't 'initial_getter' just be implemented using a property
>> version of 'initial'?
> Yes, it could.  The only downside is that it wouldn't be
> usable as an
> initialization argument.  I don't feel very strongly about it
> one way
> or the other.  It sounds like Jim is a definite -1 (as I thought he
> might be :-) so I'm happy to drop it.

I think I agree with Jim, see my other post.
 >> Cool. I don't know if this is the same thing, but we have a widget
>> that handles editing two related fields. One field is a boolean
>> that, when False, renders the other field not-applicable. E.g. when
>> the user unselects a checkbox, a list box becomes disabled. Our
>> implementation is a bit of a hack, since the widget has to cheat
>> and get access to additional fields.
> Huh, interesting.  It sounds different.  What is the typical use for
> this sort of field? 

It's not a field -- it's a widget that cheats and updates multiple fields 
because the fields are closely related. Probably not worth worrying about at 
this point.
>> I can probably free up some time to look at SimpleInputWidget.
> That would be great--you mean, during the same time as the
> sprint, or
> before, or after?  If before or during, we should probably coordinate.

If the API falls into a collaboration category, I can try to be available via 
IRC. I suspect it will be more efficient to just have a brainstorm during the 
sprint, put together a simple proposal and work up a prototype. The 
SingleInputWidget Jim's talking about will end up looking a lot like 

When is the sprint anyway? :-)

 -- Garrett
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