Gary Poster wrote:

> 2 Clean up the exceptions widget framework.  The use of the widget 
> input error is quite messy: see collector issue 273.  The idea would  be
> to make the use of the errors argument more consistent and more 
> restricted, and make the 'doc' implementation simpler.

I've just had to wade through this recently. In particular, I had to resort
to ZCML overrides to get around the HTML quoting embedded in the guts of the
form validation error rendering - we need XHTML markup in our error
messages. If this is worked on it would be nice if this use case was
remembered ;) I suspect we want to use views on the exceptions so we can
easily provide HTML snippets or plain text string renderings.

> 3 Make the arbitrary constraints in the schema framework more  powerful:
> specifically, allow a field to accept more than one  constraint, and
> have the constraints raise errors (with an i18n doc,  if desired) rather
> than return an uninformative Boolean.  This can be  done in a backwards
> (and deprecation) compatible way by keeping the  constraint argument and
> adding a constraints argument wit the new  semantics; or with another
> approach. *would need small proposal*  *code exists*

Constraints can already raise ValidationError whose doc() method returns the
error message. Although this seems to be undocumented and may only be
working for us by accident...

> 8 Add suggestion and MRU (Most Recently Used) widgets.  These widgets 
> provide a drop down of suggested (specifically most recently used for 
> the MRU widget) values for a choice field.  They really make using 
> choice widgets much nicer in many cases.  *code exists* *proposal 
> needed for also adding another of our packages to the core, on which 
> this relies*

You mention code exists - is it available anywhere? We were looking into
similar things but I'm not sure what the status is (I think we have some
suitable client side javascript, but I havn't seen it running yet).

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