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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> Julien Anguenot wrote:
>>I got a problem with the standard macros use and the XML header.
>>I've a view defined like the one below :
>><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
>>    xmlns:tal="http://xml.zope.org/namespaces/tal";
>>    xmlns:metal="http://xml.zope.org/namespaces/metal";
>>  <body metal:use-macro="context/@@standard_macros/page">
>>    <!-- content -->
>>  </body>
>>And there, I got the following error when Zope's trying to render it :
>>    (`macroName`, `mode`), self.position)
>>METALError: macro u'context/@@standard_macros/page' has incompatible
>>mode 'html', at line 6, column 3
>>If I remove the xml header the error disappears.
> It sucks, don't it?

big time yeah...

>>It's really a huge problem because it means Zope3 'as it' can't render
>>valid XML pages with standard macros...
>>Any idea how to fix thix problem without having to rewrite the standard
>>macros ?
>>My use case is the inclusion of XForms within the Page Template and the
>>mozilla plugin requires the page to be XML valid and thus to have the
>>xml header.
>>Any hints welcome.


> So, instead of proposing to radically get rid of HTML4 mode, I propose this:
> - XML mode of ZPT becomes the standard mode.


> - We keep HTML4 mode around as long people need it, but it's not the
> standard mode. The switch whether to use XML or HTML4 mode is done via
> ZCML and not some sniffing in the PageTemplate contents.

I don't have any opinion on this.

> Yes, I realize that this will suddenly introduce the requirement that
> all templates need to carry namespace declarations. 

That's not a problem.

> I think that's a
> good thing. They're not dead chickens. Namespace declarations are
> meaningful and useful and they're what XML-capable people and tools are
> used to. To sum it up: it's the spec. I've always found it much harder
> to explain why Zope wouldn't support the spec in this or that particular
> case than just sticking with the spec in such cases.


> I would be willing to work this out as a full-blown proposal together
> with Julien.

great !


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