On 9/8/05, Stuart Bishop <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> They are picked as name references, and pytz tries a number of steps to get
> the best match if the database has been corrected violently. You can't get
> broken broken pickles unless I stuff up and remove a zone completely, which
> would be a bug.

Ok, that works for me.

> I'm just describing what happens to pickled times when a politician waves
> his hand and timezone information changes. There are two possible answers,
> depending on if you think 13:00 should stay 13:00 no matter what timezone
> changes happen, or if you think it should be corrected so the absolute time
> it represents stays constant.

Ok; makes sense.  Since that's an application decision, since only the
app understand what's the most important information represented by
any specific value.


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