[Uwe Oestermeier]
> I dedected another problem: bin/runzeo  doesn't start ZEO.
> This script calls ZEO/runzeo.py which has a main function but no
> if __name__ == "__main__" :
>    main()
> at the end.

There are two instances of runzeo, one in Zope3's bin/ directory (at
least in a Zope3 checkout), and another in the bin/ directory of a ZEO
instance created by mkzeoinstance.  The first one worked, so I figure
you're talking about the second one here (which indeed did not work).

There are also two instances of zeoctl (in the same two bin/
directories as above), and turns out neither of those worked.

> Has this already been fixed in the mentioned internal branch?

Fred and I fixed the one broken runzeo instance, and both broken
zeoctl instances, yesterday.  These fixes are in current Zope3 trunk
and 3.1 branch.

Thanks for trying this!
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