On Monday 12 September 2005 03:27, Chris Withers wrote:
> Stephan Richter wrote:
> > 1. Parse the DSN to the various DB package formats. One of the big
> > problems of Python's DB API is that it does not specify a unified
> > connection mechanism, while Zope 3 does, which is a very good thing.
> Oh :-( That sucks. Is there a DBAPI sig for python that we should be
> talking to about getting that fixed?

There is a sig and we could try. But I have *very* little hope that such a 
proposal would come to fruition. Most applications don't really care about 
supporting many DB backends. 

> > 2. Advanced DA implementations support much more datatype conversion than
> > the default database connection package.
> Yes, but it's inconsistency between DAs on this front that causes
> problems...

Well, the Python DB-API is even worse and does not even try to specify type 
returns. I agree, maybe we should create a recommendation for Zope 3 DB 

> > For example, a good DB adapter should always ensure
> > that all datetimes have pytz timezones associated with them.
> Exactly, which is why that kind of stuff should be in a central place.
> What happens if a DA DOESN'T do this when someone is expecting it to?
> (the other common problematic type is that of an SQL NULL)

Well, I would love to see a draft on a Zope 3 DA standardization.

> That said, surely it'd be a good thing if all this stuff was in one
> place for Zope 3?

Of course. :-)

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