Chris Withers wrote:
> After reading the majority of that thread, I think I feel the same way
> as everone else:
> - principal is better than participant
> - user is better then principal
> - BUT, given that it's a big change and likely invalidates a lot of dead
> tree material, I'd suggest we just stick with principal and be done with
> it ;-)

If that last point were the doctrine by which previous refactorings had
to be undertaken (e.g. the refactoring of the Component Architecture),
we would still be stuck with services and other antiquated concepts.
Neither Stephan nor I had a problem with deprecating or even removing
well-documented concepts and neither of us seems to regret that.

Other than that, I share your observations regarding the names, only the
reason why we shouldn't switch to "user" is a different one: it might
still be valuable to distinguish the person from the object.

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