Gary Poster wrote:

On Sep 22, 2005, at 1:36 PM, Garrett Smith wrote:

Why does z/a/container/traversal/ContainerTraversal include '@@' in the default view name? This is not the case in SimpleComponentTraverser (z/a/publication/traversers). Is there something special about containers that their default view should be an explicit view lookup? Or should SimpleComponentTraverser also include '@@' in the default name?

I believe that the idea is that the container traverser wants to specify that the default view name is a view, not an object in the container. That is, if the default view is named index.html, and I have an object in the container named index.html, './index.html' will traverse to the object in the container while @@index.html will render the container view named 'index.html'. Sometimes you *want* the over-ridable behavior (and so you can configure it that way), but the default configuration is to have the system honor the configured view.


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