Hi Garrett

> > 
> > I'm running into a bug with this behavior.
> > 
> > If I call myContainer/@@ or myContainer/ and get my registred
> > index.html (template) view back. There is the following part
> > rendered into the template '</'.
> Does this extra text show up even if your template is empty? 
> I.e. delete the template text and see what happens.

I was really confused about this.
But I think I located this bug now.
It has nothing to do with the '@@' view.

The problem is somewhere around the method __insertBase in the 

After a bugfix from Stephan and Bjorn the bug was gone, 
at least if you directly access the zope3 server.

Now the problem is,
If you call a view via a Apache virtual host and this view doesn't 
define a BASE url, the BASE URL get rendered with the __insertBASE 
method. This ends in wrong quoted tags after the rendered BASE URL.

I don't know why this happens and I also don't know why
we need a BASE URL implicit rendered into a page.

I have no idea right now what's happen there.

Roger Ineichen


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