Here are some high-level comments on this thread:

- I agree that a proposal is needed.

- I agree that we need to seperate content type from mode

- Historical note: the initial reaction to ZPT from humans was very negative
  until we added html mode.

- It would be highly desireable to be able to use a single macro definition
  in both modes.

  I spoke to Fred about this and it seems feasible to compile macros to
  both HTML and XML from either an HTML or XML source. IOW, the input and
  output modes could be distict and controlled independently.  The output
  mode would likely be a run-time parameter passed when rendering.

  I think this is the best thing to do, however, we would need someone to
  work on it.  I don't think Fred would have time to do it soon, although
  he could provide advice and review.


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