Hi all,

I was wondering if there's actually any way to make xmlrpc introspection
in Z3,
so i can list methods from my rpc client.

(it seems not, looking at the code and the agile doc there


If not, i've found this proposal on the web:


I've thaught of wrapping my xmlrpc views with an adapter to provide  the
3 extra methods in the view class:

class IXMLRPCIntrospector(View):
    """IXMLRPCIntrospector View"""
    [...] some constructor [...]

    def listMethods():
        """ lists all xmlrpc methods implemented by the underlying view """

    def methodHelp(method_name):
        """ returns the docstring of given method """

    def methodSignature(method_name):
        """ returns the signature of given method

        ie the list of all arguments

Any advice ?

imo xmlrpc introspection can be useful in some cases
(in my case i need such feature to actually let the client application
 remote-control the site)

Would it be interesting to start a Z3 proposal on this topic ?

Best regards,


Tarek Ziadé, Nuxeo R&D (Paris, France)
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