Stephan Richter wrote:
On Tuesday 11 October 2005 08:57, Martijn Faassen wrote:

As goals for the site, at least the top level of it, I'd suggest
marketing, and developer marketing primarily. We need to put across that
Zope 3 is powerful, cool, easy, extensible, and built on the vast amount
of experience with web application development that we have as the Zope

Developer marketing also means that we need to demonstrate all the
things Zope 3 can do for you, i.e. features.

The primary first goal was a collaboration site for us. But I think the goals you listed here should be considered as well.


Anyway, I'm volunteering to help out with the text and basic
organization of this site.

Great! We have no thought much about structure at all, so if we could start another thread discussing it, that would be great! I personally have no preference. For me the current layout of the Zope 3 developer wiki is 95% to what I want. :-)

Okay, there's some confusion about this, and I should've read to this point in the thread before I started replying... I much more interested in Zope 3 (developer-level) marketing than in improving the Zope 3 developer's wiki, and think anything called '' should better have a good top-level set of pages that appeals to a broader audience than Zope 3 core developers.

So let's not call the Zope 3 developers wiki '', as this is rather confusing...

Let's separate some concepts here:

* Zope 3 site: the new Zope 3 website with Zope 3 specific information. This could be hosted under but is not a requirement.

* dev wiki NG: New Zope 3 developer's wiki. This will be hosted under the Zope 3 site, though I'd recommend strongly against hosting it under toplevel as that'd be bad marketing.

* Zope 3 information integrated into Probably done on a superficial level as it's rather a beast. If Zope 3 site becomes good enough we may turn around and integrate Zope 2 information *there* instead.

* Wikification: software to run dev wiki NG but not only that: also to run parts of the Zope 3 website. The idea is we try to use a wiki to run the Zope 3 site, so the wiki software is broader in scop than just for the dev wiki.

What happened at the sprint was mostly work on Wikification and dev wiki NG. It was *called* but we'll now hopefully consider this a misnomer. :)


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