On Wednesday 12 October 2005 03:40, Wolfgang Langner wrote:
> have someone looked at http://www.zope3.org
> WHOIS search sad it's owned by Zope Corp. but the
> content is a bit misleading.

Right, Zope Corp. registered the domain name about 2 years ago. Noone claimed 
zope3.org has anything useful on it right now.

> Much information about Viacom local networks, 
> has nothing to do with zope3.

Viacom is a customer of Zope Corp, which is the same machine zope3.org is 
registered for right now.

> I think first step should be to add an index site with notes about
> zope3.org site gouls.

That's a lot of overhead for now, since the goals can be also stated in a Wiki 
page on zope.org. I would prefer not dealing with hosting and deployment 
until we have something going.

Stephan Richter
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