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Mats Nordgren wrote:
My name is Mats, I've visited #zope-dev under the nick gnosis.  I've long
been a fan of Zope but very inactive in the community.  I'm not much of a
programmer and always had a hard time grepping Zope2.  Zope3 has made great
strides to develop simple stuff like content object etc, I still have a hard
time with more advanced stuff like workflow, memberships, catalog (I know
these might seem like trivial stuff to the likes of you ;)

These things are never trivial to me at least; don't underestimate yourself there by overestimating others. :)

I've spoken to J1m and emailed Stephan and asked if there was anything I
could do with helping this along, ideas, organization, editing, etc.  I'm
with Martijn that the site should itself be marketing for Zope3 technology
and should be geared towards all levels of knowledge on Zope technology.

Great to hear you're offering to help! Perhaps you and I should just get together and try to write up some texts. Drop me a mail if you like.

I'd love to see a much more extensive section with how-tos, recipes, and
tutorials.  If I can conquer Zope we should have hit the bottom of the
proficiency scale :)  Perhaps I can get there by helping with those specific

Great idea! My first contributions to Zope back in '99 or so were in the Zope Documentation Project. Stephan Richter also was heavily involved in this back then.

Would there be any chance that a message board could be included directly on
the site for support?  Perhaps take Stephan's messageboard tutorial?  This
would showcase Zope3 and add more layers of support.  Perhaps this could be
synced with the zope-user mail list?  Just make it easier to get quick help
without the somewhat tedious process of getting running on the list.

It's something to consider, though I'd like to set the technology requirements for any new Zope 3 site as low as possible, so that we don't have an excuse from doing stuff. :)


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