Tarek has started some very interesting work on adding performance testing to the Zope 3 testing infrastructure and it so happens that Jim and I were discussing something very similar last week, so I'd like to suggest some functionality we might want to have (which I should be able to help implement).

1) warn about regressions: the test runner will keep per-test, machine-independent records of how long tests take and will report regressions larger than a predefined percentage. These records will be checked in so that if someone else makes changes (in a fresh checkout) that causes a particular test to slow down drastically, they will be warned.

2) testbrowser should keep up with a (machine-independent) metric of how long the previous request took so performance assertions can be made inside tests. E.g.

    >>> browser.open('http://localhost/foo')
    >>> browser.last_request_time < 0.5

3) the functional testing framework should be extended to allow the collection of total time (again, machine-independent) per request and the test runner should have an option to display the top "n" slowest requests.

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