Hi All,

  There is some code in zope.app.http.put module that I would like to remove 
since the code in question seems a bit extreme in my opinion, and its 
breaking the twisted integration.

  In the default PUT handler we have the following:

       for name in request:
            if name.startswith('HTTP_CONTENT_'):
                 # Unimplemented content header
                 return ''

  Low and behold Twisted actually sets the HTTP_CONTENT_LENGTH variable in the 
request and hence we always get a 501 response for a PUT request.

  I can't see the logic to failing a request like this, so is alright for me 
to remove this code.


Michael Kerrin

55 Fitzwilliam Square,
Dublin 2.

Tel: 353 (0) 87 688 3894
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