On Friday 04 November 2005 14:07, Adam Groszer wrote:
> I think (that may be stupid, because I'm not an expert) that the
> module is not 100% consistent, once it is checking on the passed
> folder's SiteManager (in ensureUtility) and then tries to add the
> utility to a maybe completely different SM (in addUtility).
> I propose a change to getSiteManagerDefault:
> def getSiteManagerDefault(root_folder):
>     #default = zapi.traverse(folder.getSiteManager(), 'default')
>     #package_name = '/++etc++site/default'
>     #package = traverse(root_folder, package_name)
>     package = traverse(root_folder.getSiteManager(), 'default')
>     return package
> After that the module could be used even on sub-sites.

+1 for the change. Please write a test and check that in. If you cannot check 
it in, put the fix and the test into the issue collector please.

Stephan Richter
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