Florent Guillaume wrote:
> BTW I'm for removing the 2.9 branch for now.

You didn't, so I presume 2.9 branch stays? It's important to clear the
status of this branch because bugfixes need to be merged to it (see my
email about Tres' bugfix, for example).

By the way, in the future, just to avoid confusion, I think release
branches should be made by the release manager (in thise case Andreas
Jung). They clearly fall under their responsibility and supervision. I
still think it was a good thing to create the branch now because I agree
with Tres' general argument that a feature freeze on the trunk hinders
on-going development. The trunk should never be in any freeze state.
That's what release branches are for. Thus, the Zope 2.9 and 3.2
branches should have been made November 1st.

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