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Look for zope.wfmc, the Z3ecm project (http://www.z3lab.org/) has
built a package on top of that: ecm.workflow.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005, 6:56:37 PM, you wrote:

AM> Hi List,

AM> I may have brought this up before, but what is the current status of
AM> workflow in Zope 3? As I recall, and please correct me if I'm wrong,
AM> there was workflow code in the 3.0 distribution, but it was removed
AM> for 3.1?
AM> I know very little about workflow in general, other than what I've
AM> read in this mailing list, but based on that, one of my applications
AM> is getting to the point where it seems very useful to implement some
AM> workflow stuff. One specific issue where I think it would be useful is
AM> defining relationships between fields (i.e., if question one is true,
AM> fill out questions two and three, otherwise skip to question four).
AM> There are other issues, but this happens to be the most pressing.
AM> Is workflow what I am looking for here? Or is there some other common
AM> method of implementing this?
AM> Thanks,

AM> Alec
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