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Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

There is another place where there seems to be two different patterns too:

sometimes we have:

 import zope.schema
 name = zope.schema.TextLine(...)

and sometimes:

 from zope.schema import TextLine
 name = TextLine(...)

any reason to use one or the other (speed, verbosity, avoiding circular
imports, ...) ?

I vastly prefer the second:  it keeps the use points clearer,

I don't know what you mean.  Perhaps you are refering to extra
clutter at point of use.  I'm sympathetic to this, especially
if something is used a lot.

I generally find the point of use clearer with the full dotted name, or,
for populat modules, like zope.component, zope.schema, etc:

  from zope import schema
  name = schema.TextLine(...)

I think this is largely a matter of taste.


It is also ever-so-slightly faster, as it avoids a name lookup at
point-of-use.  That optimization is the source of only downside of the
practice:  it makes monkey-patching harder, because the original binding
gets copied.

I generally only worry about the speed when something is going to be
called a lot, as in a tight loop or in a very popular function.  In cases
like those, I do prefer to import the name locally.


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