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On Nov 21, 2005, at 12:29 PM, Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

There is another place where there seems to be two different patterns too:

sometimes we have:

  import zope.schema
  name = zope.schema.TextLine(...)

and sometimes:

  from zope.schema import TextLine
  name = TextLine(...)

FWIW, a third is

  from zope import schema

which I often do for zope.component, zope.interface, zope.event, and zope.schema.

I'm not weighing in on the style issues.


- For obscure things that are used only a few times in a module,
  and especially for things that are used only during module import,
  I prefer the first form.  This makes the code easier to read because you
  don't have to refer to the imports.  It also tends to make the imports
  shorter and easier to manage.

- For popular modules like component, interface, and schema, I strongly
  prefer the thirs option because it keeps the imports simpler, and
  falls between the two extremes.

  A variation of the the third option that I also like for similar reasons
  as above occurs when importing sibling modules within the same package.
  For example, suppose we have modules foo and interfaces within mypackege.
  In foo, if I wanted to get to interfaces, I would use:

     from zope import interface
     from mypackage import interfaces

     class Foo:

  This gives us the same effect as if we had done a relative import of

     import interfaces

  without breaking the no-relative-import rule.

- I prefer the second form for well-known objects that are
  used a lot.

For cases that fall between these extremes, I tend to
prefer the first form.

I think this is a matter of taste and art.  I'm not very keen
to legislate this. :)


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