Gary Poster wrote:
> > Sounds crazy, I know. But I'm serious. Looking for your comments at:
> >
> > ReuniteZope2AndZope3InTheSourceCodeRepository
> I already spoke with Philipp on IRC about this, but for the record,
> and speaking personally, and very arguably selfishly: -1.
> I think it will place too much burden on the small group of Zope 3
> developers, some (many?) of whom do not develop or use Zope 2.

You are correct and I'm not going to argue over facts. My perspective on those 
facts is
different, though. The "small group of Zope 3 developers", as you say yourself, 
really use some help, couldn't it? I think a repository reunification (along 
with the
development process reunification which has already happened for the most 
part), would
actually shift more resources from Zope 2 to Zope 3 than the other way around. 
After all,
all of the major Zope projects and solution providers do not argue with the 
fact that Zope
3 is the future. But, like Martin Aspeli nicely said, getting there is the hard 

> Yes, I understand the corresponding response is that Zope 2 devs
> would theoretically contribute more to Zope 3.  If the merge happens,
> I suppose we'll see if Zope 2 "pollutes" Zope 3, doesn't affect it,
> or helps  it.  Arguing about the future is a tough job.

I don't think we have to be *that* speculative here. When some of the currently
Zope-2-focused developers put their +1 on this proposal, I take it they also 
meant this
as a commitment to further contribute to Zope 2 and 3. Thus by the amount of 
this proposal gathers, I think we can also measure the currently unused 
potential of Zope
contributions. At least to a degree.


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