Just trying to understand your scheme here, but taking Martin's example of a current zpt macro, how would I replace the macro with a view and retain the ability to customise it TTW?

From my limited understanding of your cps skins package it seems that it is perfect for site managers to customise layout (what goes where) but not the visual design of a site, or have I miusunderstood?



Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

What I'm claiming is that is that TTW customization is valuable and that Zope3 has to leverage this in a way or in another. What I question is the idea of customizing "views". What CPSSkins does is that it allows every resources to be customized TTW, but the view that does the final composition is a standard filesystem view. This is why I'm saying that Zope3 supports this already, provided you don't customize the view but the resources used by the view. This may have been misleading to express it that way, but the goals and the results are the same.

When looking at TTW possibilities I started with trying to emulate the portal_skins filesystem directory view approach that is used in Zope2. My conclusion was that only resources, or templates understood as resources need to be customized, the actual view mechanism can stay on the filesystem and it can call the resources instead.

can't just a view be created that calls resources (ZPT, etc)? why does the entire view itself have to be customized TTW?

Regards /JM

Martin Aspeli wrote (only to plone-dev it seems):
... and let me ask a related question:

Say in Goldegg we make global_sections or some other site-wide UI element be a
Five view. Now, if I, TTW or TTFS (through-the-file-system) want to customise
that template beyond what CSS can do, i.e. change its markup, without also
changing main_template, which calls it, what's the simplest way of doing that?


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