Roger Ineichen wrote:
Hi Jim

Roger Ineichen wrote:

And please stop telling that there will be a migration path
for somthing.

Please stop saying that there won't be.

> I guess there will never be such a path.

I guess differently.

Ok, accepted
From now on I say, ask Jim ;-)

> Perhaps

custom products can be rewriten based on Zope3 libraries, but a real
migration path like known from other software will never be


Normaly Zope2 based projects are to highly customized and this will make it impossible for a clear migration path. Perhaps this will be different for standard use of a Plone or Silva. Butdo you

really know

somebody where is using Plone or Silva out of the box?

I'm convinced that there will be a migration path.  I don't know if it
will be painless or automatic.

It may take the form of Zope 2's lower-level infrastructure being replaced
by Zope 3's.  I think this is entirely possible and would constitute a
real migration to Zope 3.  It's very possible that there will be a
Zope 2 in the future that supports Zope 2 paradigms and Zope 3
paradigms simultaneously.  This would look very different from many
"pure" Zope 3 applications, but perhaps no more different than a
number of sucessful Zope 3 applications such as Schooltool and applications
being built by Canonical.

Yes, I know that this is possible. But are you really proposing
to start a project like this? Or do you mean Five is going or should go in this direction?

It (or Zope 2 development in general, which is becoming indistinguishable
from Five) is going in this direction.


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