I'm working with the combination of Zope3 and sqlobjet over sqlos and discovered a problem (about SecurityProxy as i already asked about in #zope3-dev).

Some code in sqlobject is using isinstance() to decide what to do. The problem is, that sometimes sqlobject gets securityProxied objects from Zope, which theoretically is no problem. But in praxis it uses isinstance and the SecurityProxy doesn't cooperate with that.

Now i searched a bit in the web and discovered, that according to this: http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-bugs-list/2003-February/016098.html it should be possible to make the Proxies a bit more transparent.

Did i understand that correctly? I dont understand to much about python and especially about zope, but i think, that should be the way to go, or am i mistaken?

After a short look at _zope_proxy_proxy.c i think that this shouldn't be too hard to implement (although i never touched the python c bindings before, so it not unlikely that I'm mistaken).

Andres Freund
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