Stephan, thank for answer, and sorry for delay.

My approach to make some useful services and motivate people to use them.

We need with easy, pretty, web2.0 design and very useful services for community. I hope if we make some base parts of my plan then we cover most of community requests.

Compare and dev section, differences not so dramatic. Zope3 community allready have perfect Zope3 book (ok, with some old stuff), very good tutorials on Philipp's site ( If we re-represent this materials on new site then we cover most of newbies requests.

Stephan Richter wrote:
On Tuesday 18 October 2005 21:12, Mikhail Kashkin wrote:
I'm also want to offer me as fresh meat in this effort.

My proposition for site plan, index pages *mark*::

Hi Mikhail,

the outline is nice, but contains items that we do not have already; for example it has a huge documentation section with lots of items, but none of this type of documentation exists and you cannot expect it to magically appear.

Having said this, I really wish someone would take ownership in developing our site. Unfortunately I have not heard from Uwe anymore, but someone should contact him and see what's going on.

With that much interest I would hope that a steady developer group around would form. Is that possible? IS someone willed to take the lead?


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