On Sunday 11 December 2005 09:37, Christian Theune wrote:
> a) Can we agree on a target group for the Zope 3 wiki? Can it be "core
> developers" only?

Okay, fine with me, though documentation is clearly interesting to anyone. 
Maybe we should split the Wiki into two sections, core developers and regualr 

> b) What do we do to old/outdated/historic information? I'd just hide it
> in the HistoricalPages page.

Yep, that's what it is for.

> c) SubProjects/Proposals ... isn't that actually almost the same? What's
> the difference?

Nope. A proposal is a suggestion for change with a very focused, narrow 
objective that is well understood and can be implemented in a controlled time 
frame. Sub-projects are much more open-ended and might produce many 
proposals. Sub-projects are also used to host other developer info, such as 
the language dictionaries.

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