>>I understand from this discussion that registering layers is needed only
>>for certain ZMI things, to be implemented later on.  So, I guess the
>>ZCML will be implemented later on, or not implemented later on.  In
>>either case, later on.
> I disagree. The layers are registered now. You rip them out now, just so I 
> have to add them later again? That sounds dubious to me.

Earlier, you were saying that you didn't see a need for a specific zcml
statement to register layers, so your statement above confuses me.  I'm
proposing a consideration, later on, of special zcml to register layers
for use in the ZMI.

In addition, I'd like to say that I believe that it is important to keep
things that are just for the ZMI separate from the "core", where they
add complexity to the "core".

Steve Alexander
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