>>No, we just make the registration of layers optional. If you want layers
>>to be registered (and marked with an ILayerType marker) for whatever
>>reason, it's your choice. The framework shouldn't make you like it does
> This will definitely backfire. Let's say I want to extend the wiki views 
> using 
> some TTW development. But the wiki package does not register the layer, then 
> the TTW developer is cut off.
> Note that I am not saying that the *framework* should require this, but it 
> should be at least a strong convention and people should do this registration 
> all the time.

I disagree.

The wiki package either supports the ZMI or it does not do.  If it
supports the ZMI, then it will register its layers.  If it does not,
then it won't.

I would encourage people to register their layers with the ZMI, and to
do things that couple their products to the ZMI, only when they make a
decision that the ZMI is relevant to their stuff.

If they decide that the ZMI is not relevant to their goals, they should
stay well away from it.

Let's say that the wiki system authors decide that the ZMI is out of
scope for them.  Someone else can come along and produce a wiki-in-zmi
product that depends on the ZMI and on the original wiki.  This is
great, because it keeps the plain wiki produdct simpler and more
approachable, and it keeps the dependency on the ZMI clear.

Steve Alexander
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