Jeff, fwiw, to sidestep the problem with your current implementation, and just try to address some possible solutions, we also replace the standard contents view, but we do it generally--for the default layer. There are at least a couple of ways to do that (zcml overrides and custom folder instances with their own associated views). Looking that way might get you past what sounds like a possible time crunch.

That's not to dissuade you from continuing to explore your current avenue: it's just offered as a possible practical way out, maybe while you figure out your original approach.

On the other hand, to try to answer what I think was one of your recent questions, directlyProvided interfaces are more important for a match than interfaces from a class.

>>> from zope import interface
>>> class IFoo(interface.Interface):
...     pass
>>> class IBar(IFoo):
...     pass
>>> class IBaz(interface.Interface):
...     pass
>>> class Bar(object):
...     interface.implements(IBar)
>>> bar = Bar()
>>> interface.directlyProvides(bar, IBaz)
>>> interface.providedBy(bar).__iro__
(<InterfaceClass __main__.IBaz>, <InterfaceClass __main__.IBar>, <InterfaceClass __main__.IFoo>, <InterfaceClass zope.interface.Interface>)

I believe that's pertinent. :-)

I'm pretty sure there's a proposal on the wiki somewhere with Jim's full lookup algorithm that you want, but the iro for the pertinent object(s) usually gets me far enough.


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