Am Mittwoch, den 14.12.2005, 13:13 +0100 schrieb Adam Groszer:
> I'll say maybe a small survey should be done how many people are using
> other OS's.

Not sure if that would give us a valid statement. My statistic abilities
are bad. :)

> One more thing is that maybe you cannot force your next client to use
> linux. I think big companies are (were) devoted to M$ or maybe Solaris for
> high availability. Linux is getting into the picture slowly.
> This is the same as for the apache/twisted question that Martijn wrote
> "Possibly off on a tangent" in a previous mail. To get into the head
> of the big bosses you have to show them something they know.

Right. Although I think that up to now Linux is the most used plattform 
for high-end Zope installations.

> As I checked on www.commoncriteriaportal.org only the IBM WebSphere
> Application Server has CC certification. Of course they have a bigger
> founding to have CC for a lot of OS's.

Thank you for digging this up. I didn't see that they certified it
already. I'll use that as another source for best practices. As I see
it, they used the JVM2 as basis for virtualizing the operating system
(mostly). They state, that the OS can be one of AIX, HPUX, SuSe, Red
Hat, Solaris, Win2k3 ... and then they say they only need a JVM and some
"minor" functions of the OS: user database, file system, process

I'll try to find out from our certification partner whether they'll
allow that or now.


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