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Jim Fulton wrote:

Jeff Shell wrote:

I understand why this is happening, but it's (obviously) not what I
want to have happen. I want MY skin layer's declaration of
'contents.html' to win out. It actually works for all container types,
so maybe I need to declare it for a root Zope container interface for
my layer?

I don't know enough about the relationshipd between your content
interfaces, to comment directly, but I will note that the intent
was that content interface would have precedence over skin.  This
was not the case before due to a bug in  multi-adapter lookup.

While I probably don't understand some details, this thread rather worries me.

Imagine I'm writing my own custom skin 'IFoo', that has a page directive for the page 'index' for Zope's 'IContainer' (say), in a layer that's in the skin 'IFoo'. Now someone whose skin setting is set to IFoo is looking at IFolder, which is an IContainer. Zope registers a 'index' page specific for IFolder.

Would now Zope's more specific registration win?


> How would I accomplish
making a skin that takes care about overriding *all* IContainers without having to explicitly register for all sub-interfaces?

You can't currently.

> Or am I wrong in even imagining this would be desirable?

I think so.  If there are custom views for more specific interfaces,
it is likely those custom views provide features that your generic
view doesn't.  It would be a bit unkind for your view to override


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