Gary Poster wrote:
Primary problem:
We frequently want to know the full closure of group membership. The groups attribute of is a list of groups to which the principal directly belongs. The full closure--including the groups to which the principal's groups belong, for instance--must be calculated by any piece of code that needs it.

Secondary problem:
The description of does not sufficiently clarify that it is *not* a full closure.

Consideration: has been around for awhile, and probably should not be materially changed (i.e., to redefine or add an attribute).


1) Clarify the description: change from
"List of ids of groups the principal belongs to"
"List of ids of groups to which the principal directly belongs"

2) Add an additional interface to interface.

class IGroupClosureAwarePrincipal(IGroupAwarePrincipal):
    allGroups = interface.Attribute(
'a readonly iterable of the full closure of the principal's groups.')

3) Make the principals in implement IGroupClosureAwarePrincipal. First cut of 'allGroups' would probably be to make it be a lazy property, returning a tuple of the full closure.

Some might be unhappy that allGroups is not a hook point, but a convenience: that is, it will be a full closure, not an opportunity to be clever to redefine how group membership is calculated.

+1, a long time ago I suggested something similar because in the CPS framework of groups we need knowledge both of direct membership and transitive closure (we have a getGroups method that's the direct groups, and a getComputedGroups that's the transitive closure and is used for instance when we have groups of groups).

I'm still not using the zope 3 principal framework but at some point I know I'll need it in zope 3 too :)

Do you think your interfaces fit the need of "computed" groups? I'm not sure if the meaning of "computed" is clear but I can expand on that if it's not (for instance, it could be for the case where groups exist dynamically according to some computation on the prinicpal's properties).


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