Tres Seaver wrote:
> Alexander Limi wrote:
>>>Instead of printing:
>>>"2006-01-17 14:59:09 INFO Zope Ready to handle requests"
>>>at the end, could we have something like:
>>>"2006-01-17 14:59:09 INFO Zope Ready to handle requests on the
>>>following  ports:"
>>>and then a list of the ports it is running on? One of the classic
>>>newbie  gotchas (especially on Linux or other platforms not using the
>>>Plone  installer) is "Oh, it's running - but where? How do I connect to
>>>Zope tells you where to connect, but way too early in the output.
> Let's fix the spew in PTS instead (which should be at BLATHER or DEBUG
> level).

+1 to both action items.

I think we should fix the spew in PTS but we should also add the port
connection information to the end to account for the inevitable rogue
products that will spit out too much crap.

- Rocky

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