Stephan Richter wrote:
> On Friday 20 January 2006 07:36, Jim Fulton wrote:
>>Comments and volunteers welcome.
> I am +1.
> However, there is another risk. If we support multiple formats then that 
> means 
> that a developer will have to understand all of them, because if he wants to 
> use another package that uses format X but he is used to format Y, then he 
> has to learn format X. Of course this issue has been discussed in the context 
> of ZPT versus DTML a long time ago.

I was about to make that same point.  Having to know how to use two
different configuration types makes getting started harder.

But, another few points that I'd like are:
  - using (and only using) XML-based configuration files makes it much
easier for people of other large systems (ie j2ee) who are starting out
with zope feel much more at home and thus lowers the barrier of entry -
I say this from personal experience
  - building applications or products that need to generate
configuration files is much easier if the config files are XML-based -
parsing and generating gets much easier

Those are just two things that came to mind right away.

- Rocky

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