Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Shane Hathaway wrote:

After I checked in code into the Zope 3 repository this week, I never
saw corresponding notifications posted to the zope3-checkins mailing
list.  I don't think I saw notifications for my checkins during 2005,

Note that notifications have a "from" header matching the email address
of the person checking in.  My wild guess is that:

1. The zope3-checkins list disallows posts from people not subscribed to
the list.

Correct. It actually discards the messages, I think. Perhaps it should
just reject them.

It does neither.

It is currently holding mail for approval.  I just approved a number of
held messages.

The rules are a bit more detailed.  I don't wish to go into more
detail in public,  You can contact me privately if you have questions.

2. Subversion thinks my address is still [EMAIL PROTECTED], but that
address no longer exists.

Subversion will take whichever email address you gave for your


If I'm right, the list is rejecting posts from anyone who doesn't happen
to be subscribed.  My suggestion is that checkin notifications should
have a generic "from" header like "[EMAIL PROTECTED]".  Some other header can
have the email address of the person checking in.

I strongly suggest that the Reply-To header would have the email of the
original person in this case. Because then it'll still be easy to simply
hit the "reply" button for check-in emails.

I strongly prefer what we're doing now wrt headers.

I'm 99% sure that we are not rejecting any checkin mail.


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