On 1/23/06, Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> As I said earlier, I think XML is wrong for configuration for exactly
> this kind of reason... element-based is right for this type of config,
> it's why Apache uses, it's why Zope 2 uses it, and it's why Zope 3 uses
> it for the .conf file...

There are no elements in the ZConfig configuration language. 
Sections, yes, but as has been noted, those don't trivially map to XML

> ...some might even say it's bizarre to suddenly switch to a different
> language just because you're going off to include another .conf file, as
> site.zcml is from zope.conf...

Odd; I've never thought of zope.conf as including site.zcml.  It
identifies an application configuration that should be used, but
that's it.

The zope.conf file and the ZCML files really do have different
audiences: ZCML is for application developers and integrators, and
zope.conf is for system administrators.  That doesn't require that the
languages be different, but I think it's clearly wrong to hand system
administrators an XML configuration syntax.


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