Fred Drake wrote at 2006-1-23 09:56 -0500:
>On 1/23/06, Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> As I said earlier, I think XML is wrong for configuration for exactly
>> this kind of reason... element-based is right for this type of config,
>> it's why Apache uses, it's why Zope 2 uses it, and it's why Zope 3 uses
>> it for the .conf file...
>There are no elements in the ZConfig configuration language. 
>Sections, yes, but as has been noted, those don't trivially map to XML


What prevents you to map ZCML elements to ZConfig sections and their
attributes to ZConfig keys?

Only for "#PCDATA", there is not equivalent in "ZConfig".
But, almost surely, ZCML does not use "#PCDATA"...

I have the feeling that mapping ZCML syntax onto ZConfig
syntax is easier than the other way round (as ZConfig supports
multikeys but XML allows only a single attribute of a given name).

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